Monday, August 19, 2013

Well all the pork is collected and i hope everyone is happy with it!

I was very pleased how my little runt he turned out, although he was smaller. We had s lovely leg of roast pork on Sunday, with all the trimmings out of the garden. Potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, peas and beans. Such a rewarding dinner.

I can't believe how fat the cows are when i went to check on them! It was lovely i sat with Sally had a wonderful cup of tea and caught my breath!

We have sent another hive off to be filled, although late in the year we have been told it should be ok.

We have started the building works around the fridge so we can make sausages in there.

Well off to work, I have a Smallholders Group meeting tonight. South East Essex Organic Gardeners are coming to talk to us, i hope they can help me with my caterpillar problem!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three days off last weekend. It flew by!

I am so pleased, after a lot of hard work and paper work, Environmental Health signed off us making Jams and chutneys in our local village hall to help raise funds for East Essex Smallholders Group.

We went to a friends wedding on Friday, it was lovely with a vintage tea party. My bunting had an outing!

I finished preparing the field for the cows on Saturday and we moved them on Sunday they seem to like it up there. They have a very big field for two cows!

We split the pigs up on Sunday. The large blacks went into the barn, as they were off to the abattoir on Tuesday. The Oxford Sandy and Blacks moved into a new part of the wood, I had sprinkled some brasica seed in the spring so they have a lovely carpet of greens to munch through.

We also moved the turkeys into a new barn.

We had a lovely home grown chicken on Sunday, my god they taste so good. Note to self: I must raise more next year!

Our friend Nigel is away on Holiday so i have been left the task of checking his sheep. My god sheep and electric fence. Sunday - three out, Monday two out, Tuesday - Four out! I had to heard them across the field with the car! I can feel come serious cider drinking by the end of the week when i hand them back! The pigs then felt the need to challenge me with electric they escaped last night and have managed to dig up some of the new tree's at the bottom of the wood. All in all a stressful week so far! Maybe a little sloe gin might help!

The four pigs went off well, they are being delivered to Buntings the Butchers in Maldon today, to be butchered ready for peoples freezers.

The garden looks good, lots of Dahilas giving us plenty of colour. I am disappointed by the vegetable garden. Despite netting all our brasicas, I uncovered them to harvest a cabbage and the whole lot are crawling with caterpillars. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS!

The pear trees are loaded with fruit so i'm sure we will be making lots of perry!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another Super

Great evening checking the bees, the hive is very full so we have popped a super on.

Ive spent the last two weekends preparing the new pasture for the cattle. We are moving them on Sunday.

The potatoes in the ground have yielded really well.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wool Duvet

Back in June, Gareth and I purchased a wool duvet. We are complete converts, it really does improve your sleep. Mum has had one for some time, however we were disappointed because it was made in china! However I'm pleased to say ours in 100% British.

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Baavet on ITV's Wales this Week program
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Monday, August 5, 2013


Doesn't time fly when your having fun.

The third week of July we attended the Southminster Flower Show with the smallholders group. What a lovely day out! Mum had managed to enter us in 17 classes between the handicraft and horticultural. We did really well.
Mum won a trophy for joint preserve champion. I won the novice handicraft class for my basket of wool. Dahlias won a first and second. Potatoes and raspberries got a second. Beetroot, strawberries and culinary herbs all won first place. A real achievement for both of us.

We collected the cows the following Monday, its great having them home, fingers crossed Tilly is in Calf this time. Dennis hasn't grown much taller, but his horns have a few more inches on them!

The garden is doing well, we have lots of potatoes, beans, cabbages and peas. Its so nice to be living off the land. Combined with a home grown chicken we had a lovely Sunday roast.

The bee's have arrived and are doing well, Dad is even interested in them. We managed to squeeze him in a bee suit last night although getting him out of it was a bit difficult! They have nearly drawn out and filler all the comb in the brood box.

We have walnuts pickling ready to store for the winter.

The pear trees have an abundance of fruit. I can see a lot of Perry making happening this autumn!

The time has come to start advertising our surplus meat. We have Oxford Down cross lamb, Oxford Sandy and Black Pork which will be ready in September/October and Bronze Turkey's for Christmas. So if anyone would like book some Furzedown Reared Meat please email me.