Thursday, January 22, 2015

What did i say about photos in my last post? Ive taken some and forgotten to
Upload them! Silly me!

All the lungs cooked for the dogs to eat.

And fat rendered down for cooking. 
 Not forgetting mummys littke girl.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Perfect timing to write a blog post! This morning I am having a glucose tolerance blood test. So I've fasted since last night, they  have no took my blood which is hard work it doesn't like coming out! I have had a sugary drink and now have to wait two hours, before they take my blood again. I have been given the lovely maternity day room to sit in, a lovely comfy sofa I do hope I don't fall asleep! 

Well it has been another eventful week at Furzedown, pigs departed on Tuesday morning and arrived home on Wednesday. Dad, Gareth and I had had our bet as to what the weight would be. Goodness me we were all so wrong! The max size we agreed on was 85kg. However one was 115kg and the other 113kg as much as this ment they were fattier, we still had a good eye of meat.

Unlike weeks when we make sausages, we didn't start butchering until Friday which was nice. Dad and I tinkered around on Saturday and how lovely it now is to have the sink and water supply and to be able to work out the front still in a chilled environment but no fan motor blowing at you. 

On Sunday morning the expert arrived Eddie the Master butcher. He is so so clever, it's amazing what he can do with meat. Dad and Gareth had a wonderful morning with him, we had smaller boned out joints, steaks and so many different cuts. I think he is going to come back next time we do pigs  to show him more. Mum rendered all the fat down, so we now have jars of it for using for roast potatoes as well as lard for making the pastry for pork pies. They also made a lovely batch of pork pies Sunday afternoon. They both love making them. 

The Inlaws came over on Sunday afternoon to help look at the renovation works, for Gareth and I to swap rooms with Dad to make us a little more contained for when the baby is born. Terry is going to tile the bathroom so it's fully useable it's never been done! He is going to lay some nice flooring in the airing cupboard and bathroom and we are going to get bathroom and bedroom painted. Quite a big job and we must crack on otherwise the baby is going to be here! 

Our little one did some moving around Sunday afternoon, I'm not sure if laid on a nerve or something but goodness me did my back hurt. I had no sleep Sunday night, every way I laid it hurt, I walked up and down sat on the sofa but no I was so sore. Needless to say I didn't go to work on Monday, it finally eased mid morning and the beauty of modern technology allowed me to work from home.

Well this lovely sofa and warm hospital is wanting me to shut my eyes!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I'm not liking this going back to work lark! the alarm going off was not a welcome noise but i am starting to get back in the swing of things!

Its been a lovely weekend, despite being a little windy the sun has been shinning!

Bit of a lazy one for me with snoozes both days, I keep telling our little bundle of joy that we can't keep sleeping, the smallholding has jobs to be done!

The animals are all well. The goats and sheep enjoyed the day out in the field today. The goats are so funny hopping and skipping around, they really did let off steam!

The wild birds are hungry, all the feeders in the wood were empty. I do love the bird song on a lovely sunny day.

The wood does feel empty with no bees. Our membership for the local bee keeping group is due for renewal. This has prompted us to discuss bees for 2015, We are hoping we will be able to get a swarm to help keep the cost down. Dad is going to take over looking after bees with Gareth as having a baby around might make bee keeping a little challenging. It will be great for Dad to be so involved he has really enjoyed watching over the last few years.

I must take some photo's i am sorry my snapping has been rather useless of late. New Years Resolution, I will take more photo's!

Great food this weekend. Dexter burgers last night and Home grown chicken tonight with Carrots and parsnips out the garden.

Not a bad life.

We have pigs going on Tuesday so butchery is planned for next weekend. Eddie who butchered the beef is popping over for a few hours on Sunday to show Dad and Gareth how to butcher the shoulder of a pig into more intricate cuts.

I wish you all a good week.