Sunday, August 31, 2014

You have probably noticed we have been a bit quite the last few weeks. We have been busy preserving as we are booked in to sell at three events before Christmas.

We have made:
Cherry Plum Jam
Damson Jam
Damson and port Jelly
Victoria Plum Jam
Victoria Plum and Vanilla Jam
Marrow Chutney
Sticky Fig Chutney
Green tomato Chutney
Plum, ginger and chilli chutney
Crab Apple Jelly
Crab Apple Jelly with Chilli 

We have made over 100 jars and most of it is all labelled. 

The animals are all well, Tulip has grown so much and seems to be very hairy.

The lambs have been weaned and are now being looked after by Auntie Disney. Hopefully a month of lush grass and some of them can go. We have a few orders for our sheepskin rugs.

The horses are coming in at night now as the grass has run out. 

The last five weeks has been fantastic every Sunday a fully home grown dinner. Tonight was shoulder of pork with spuds, beans, kale, chard and parsnips from the garden. I don't think life gets much better! 

Dad and Maurice have returned from the Great Dorset Steam Fair with lots of goodies including a Milking Machine so hopefully next time Tilly has a calf we can have milk.

Why are weekends over so quick? Back to work tomorrow!

Monday, August 18, 2014

I would like to thank all of our pork customers. All apart from a small joint which made excellent pulled pork and six chops was all that was left. 

I have been busy making jam to sell at the gate. Damson jam as well as a damson and port jelly. Mum has been busy making chutney, our old favourite marrow and stickyfig chutney with figs from my father in laws trees.

So watch the gate space all preserves will be being sold out there in the coming weeks.

Tulip the calf has brown so much, she is turning into a right young lady. 

This year we have been working on the drains at home and replacing our rotten decking. It has been a huge task involving all the family but its finally taking shape.

I have also had my first Turks Turban squash. Im not sure i can eat it yet, just look at it!

Our friends are visiting from Austraila and its great we are trying to fit in asmuch  Furzedown Food as possible. Sunday saw roast home grown turkey, potatoes, beans, chard and kale.

Anyway last day at work today and then a whole week off, i cant wait.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Its 5am and i thought i would squeeze a quick blog post in before heading off to the abattoir. Yes it pork time again, we will be making sausages including a new Beer and Ale, made with a beer called Dark Horse from our local Micro Brewery.

The wave of sadness is currently right in front of me, however i am very proud of the latest two boys, they have loaded well and i hope to give them a good short journey. Some people might laugh, but I think its the last thing I can do for them, to ensure they have a nice comfortable ride to Burnham on Crouch.

We have had lots of joint orders this time, and so many old fashioned comments about can we have chops with the kidney on. Currently we have Half a pig sold and just over another half with chops and joints.

I have spruced our chalk board at the road up, buy giving it a lick of paint and treating myself to some new chalk! Its looks really good.

 Mum had to work on Saturday so i set myself the task of making my first ever jam With Cherry Plums from where the sheep go and stay during the summer. They were a bit of a nightmare due to their size and pips. But after some expert phone advice from our friend Toni who is an old hand at preserving its all in jars and ready for labelling. Its such a nice jam, because its tart but sweet. We had the chance to try it in a lovely Victoria Sponge that Mum made on Sunday.

Maurice has a new Rotavator, he didn't tell me and was waiting for me to notice, However my eyes don't miss a thing and i noticed it that night. Its smaller than the others and good for getting in those tight corners.

Well i'm back from dropping the pigs off a little earlier than normal so i have planted two rows of leeks in the garden. Not bad! I think i will try this 4.30am every morning.

I forgot to say home grown dinner on sunday, including chicken, potatoes, leeks, chard, and yorkie puds made with our eggs!

Anyway time to get changed and get on my way to work.