Monday, August 18, 2014

I would like to thank all of our pork customers. All apart from a small joint which made excellent pulled pork and six chops was all that was left. 

I have been busy making jam to sell at the gate. Damson jam as well as a damson and port jelly. Mum has been busy making chutney, our old favourite marrow and stickyfig chutney with figs from my father in laws trees.

So watch the gate space all preserves will be being sold out there in the coming weeks.

Tulip the calf has brown so much, she is turning into a right young lady. 

This year we have been working on the drains at home and replacing our rotten decking. It has been a huge task involving all the family but its finally taking shape.

I have also had my first Turks Turban squash. Im not sure i can eat it yet, just look at it!

Our friends are visiting from Austraila and its great we are trying to fit in asmuch  Furzedown Food as possible. Sunday saw roast home grown turkey, potatoes, beans, chard and kale.

Anyway last day at work today and then a whole week off, i cant wait.

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