Sunday, August 31, 2014

You have probably noticed we have been a bit quite the last few weeks. We have been busy preserving as we are booked in to sell at three events before Christmas.

We have made:
Cherry Plum Jam
Damson Jam
Damson and port Jelly
Victoria Plum Jam
Victoria Plum and Vanilla Jam
Marrow Chutney
Sticky Fig Chutney
Green tomato Chutney
Plum, ginger and chilli chutney
Crab Apple Jelly
Crab Apple Jelly with Chilli 

We have made over 100 jars and most of it is all labelled. 

The animals are all well, Tulip has grown so much and seems to be very hairy.

The lambs have been weaned and are now being looked after by Auntie Disney. Hopefully a month of lush grass and some of them can go. We have a few orders for our sheepskin rugs.

The horses are coming in at night now as the grass has run out. 

The last five weeks has been fantastic every Sunday a fully home grown dinner. Tonight was shoulder of pork with spuds, beans, kale, chard and parsnips from the garden. I don't think life gets much better! 

Dad and Maurice have returned from the Great Dorset Steam Fair with lots of goodies including a Milking Machine so hopefully next time Tilly has a calf we can have milk.

Why are weekends over so quick? Back to work tomorrow!

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