Sunday, September 7, 2014

Well what a weekend, we have a new toy at Furzedown a log splitter for the tractor! What an amazing bit of kit. Combined with Maurice dropping off some more tree trunks Furzedown will be a warm house this winter.

This weekend is the first weekend we haven't been making preserves for weeks. Its been quite nice i have achieved loads.

All jars are labelled and packed away. The hams are smoked and i have done so much in the vegetable garden. 

After a busy morning of Gareth and I harvesting We have a huge glut of squashes im hoping to try and sell some to a shop in Maldon.

Father in law Terry finished fitting the railings on the decking. I forgot how lovely it is sitting our there with a pot of tea in the afternoon sun!

The weekend was finished with a home grown dinner. Chicken, beans, potatoes and chard.

I love our life! 

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