Thursday, September 18, 2014

So much can change in a week

I can't believe what has happened in the last few days!

Mum has been following a chap on Facebook, called Tractor Bumble. A man called Peter Matheson is driving a vintage massey ferguson tractor called Annie from John o Groats to Lands Ends and then off to Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights and if thats not enough, back again!

On Monday he was heading towards Maldon enroute to catch the ferry from Harwich. He was in need of a place to stay. So an excited mother offered Furzedown to him. I forgot to say he is towing a caravan called Michelle and his dog Amber is travelling on the Tractor with him.

So at around 3pm he phoned to take us up on the offer, so Mother set off to meet him on the outskirts of Maldon (normally an area she doesn't drive to, for those that no Mother she hates driving!) Peter travels at 13MPH!

I arrived home at about 5.30pm to find Nanny and Grandad having tea with Peter and putting the world to rights like they had known each other for years. It turns out he used to be a police man and in 1993 was the officer on duty when a drunk driver rolled their car into my Grandparents Garden! He had also brought Michelle the Caravan from Althorne ( A village about 5 miles down the road).

Peter had requested after a rough previous night he needed Beer and Steak. So i set about orangising an evening out which i must say is most out of the blue for us, we are normally in bed by 9.30pm!

We headed to the Blue Boar Hotel, Mum, Dad, Gareth, Nanny, Grandad and Peter. I must say it was fabulous food and such great company, i laughed so much my cheek bones hurt. I can't beleive what a wonderful evening we had with someone we had only met a few hours before.

We were able to offer Peter a second night at Furzedown whilst he caught up with some of his friends. Mother managed to wash all of his clothes and bed linen in preparation for the next stage of his journey and i managed to get him a bit of publicity, this morning i was pleased to pick up the Essex Chronicle and see Peter front page!

So for everyone reading this take a moment to look at Peters Website and Facebook Page.
What a fantastic cause he is doing this for and such an immense journey. So please offer your support and sponsor him!

  We hope to see Peter on his return Journey. We have promised him Dexter Steak.

We also have more news. I have been contacted by Maldon Tourist Information Centre asking if they can stock out Preserves. So we hope that in the coming weeks Furzedown Produce will be in the High Street in Maldon.

The gate sales have been fantastic today, we have sold 6 jars. The favourites seem to be Sticky Fig Chutney, Marrow Chutney and Damson Jam.

We have pigs going next week, so if anyone would like pork please email me. We also have a new flavour of sausages available. Chilli and Mango. Alongside our ever popular Cumberland, Breakfast, Furzedown Fiery Dragons and Pork and Ale.

I hope all of our readers are well and hope to catch up again soon.


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