Sunday, January 11, 2015

I'm not liking this going back to work lark! the alarm going off was not a welcome noise but i am starting to get back in the swing of things!

Its been a lovely weekend, despite being a little windy the sun has been shinning!

Bit of a lazy one for me with snoozes both days, I keep telling our little bundle of joy that we can't keep sleeping, the smallholding has jobs to be done!

The animals are all well. The goats and sheep enjoyed the day out in the field today. The goats are so funny hopping and skipping around, they really did let off steam!

The wild birds are hungry, all the feeders in the wood were empty. I do love the bird song on a lovely sunny day.

The wood does feel empty with no bees. Our membership for the local bee keeping group is due for renewal. This has prompted us to discuss bees for 2015, We are hoping we will be able to get a swarm to help keep the cost down. Dad is going to take over looking after bees with Gareth as having a baby around might make bee keeping a little challenging. It will be great for Dad to be so involved he has really enjoyed watching over the last few years.

I must take some photo's i am sorry my snapping has been rather useless of late. New Years Resolution, I will take more photo's!

Great food this weekend. Dexter burgers last night and Home grown chicken tonight with Carrots and parsnips out the garden.

Not a bad life.

We have pigs going on Tuesday so butchery is planned for next weekend. Eddie who butchered the beef is popping over for a few hours on Sunday to show Dad and Gareth how to butcher the shoulder of a pig into more intricate cuts.

I wish you all a good week.


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