Friday, December 13, 2013

I attended a St Johns Ambulance first aid course last
Week for work. I must say an excellent two days learning life saving skills.

Our local area was threatened with a tidal surge on Thursday night. Some people in nearby Heybridge were evacuated but luckily the flood defences protected us.

Me and our family friend Craig pressed the remaining apples on Friday. It was a lovely sunny day although he apple washing kept my poor fingers freezing. We managed to press over 20 litres. I will pasteurise some tomorrow and the rest will go as cider.

Saturday saw the East Essex Smalholders Christmas Party. A truly fantastic night with excellent food and company. Father Christmas visited the Children and we sung Christmas Carols! I made some mulled cider that everyone really enjoyed. Mum spent all day cooking the most wonderful food and Father in Law Terry turned the most beautiful wooden bowl filled with nuts as a raffle prize. Beautiful!

Sunday brought a well earned rest! Fire alight and a good film. I couldn't do it every Sunday but it was a lovely afternoon.

I took a picture of Esme and Gareth last week which i want to share.

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