Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I can't believe I haven't posted for a month, I am sorry to all of our followers. Summer is such a busy time of year. Time is very short at the moment, for me everyone seems to be building, and I am clocking up the hours at work. I am working on bathrooms at the moment about 48 of them for a prestige development in Hertfordshire. Hard work but very rewarding! Poor Gareth is working in Dover and a Dad is in Ramsgate so both are having to use the dreaded Dartford Crossing everyday. Mum is busy at work and also training for the race for life! She is marching around the Prom is Maldon as I type. If anyone would like to show their support to this good cause and Mums enthusiasm by sponsoring her please email her

Well all is well on the animal front, Esme didn't have a kid so her time with stinky didn't pay off. We do have a new steer Red. He is wonderful, he kisses me, I don't no how we are going to eat him! He might have to stay. He has settled in really well with Tilly and Tulip who has grown so much.

Most of the sheep have gone on their summer holidays now so it's quiet at home. The pigs are growing well, we have 7 left, and will be making sausages again at the end of this month. 

The vegetable garden is going well, mum has been busy! Although she is so disheartened at how the slugs are eating everything and the pigeons stripped her broccoli in a day. We now have a brassica cage and hopefully that will help. SLUGS the Bain of our life! Any tips please do tell us.

Our extended veggie garden in the wood is looking good the potatoes are flowering, we have leeks and sweet corn planted as well as a huge array of pumpkins, squashes and marrows on the muck heap. We are just staring to eat our raspberries this week. 

Elderflower cordial is made and will be for sale at the gate this weekend. 

Anyway off to work so I will endeavour to catch up soon.


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