Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where has the time gone! It’s been weeks since I haveup-dated our blog not because I have been sitting down relaxing oh no! All atFurzedown have been busy busy busy.

Posted last was an advert for The Blackwater Wild FoodFestival which we attended with The East Essex Smallholders and what awonderful day we all had the sun shone and The Essex Wild Life Trusts garden lookedamazing.

On our stand we had Sausage, Bread and Chutney makingdemonstrations. Gareth’s Dad and Uncle Norman came selling herbs and bird andbug boxes, mum was busy making Wild Berry Bird Feeders with the children andGareth was in Alcohol corner preparing sloe gin.

All in all we had a great day and received a smashing emailon the Monday morning from The Wild Life Trust thanking us and asking us toattend next year.

Oh and great news on the EESG Jams and Chutney’s front theysold like wild fire now we need to set another date to make more.

Dad has been working on the cutting room which is coming ongreat guns we now have a window fitted and fingers crossed it will be done forChristmas.

We have also had some good news on the “Furzedown Produce”front we have been passed by Environmental Health to produce our own sausages,hams, bacon, jams and  chutney’s so watchthis space “Furzedown Produce” will be on sale soon.

Maurice is working on a new shed for his rotevators which iskeeping him busy and I must say with tuition his drill skills are improving Iremember the days when you would see Maurice with a drill in his hand, shiversof fear went down your spine, he could ruin a drill head in 10 seconds but mygoodness he has improved.

We have sad news to report,  we have lost George our very dear Old DutchWarm Blood horse he was an old boy and the sad discussion was made to let himgo. Furzedown has been a very sombre place for the last few weeks, the otherhorses miss him and like to squish themselves into his stable.
George went to Resting Pets for cremation and is now backwith us in the sitting room in memorial corner RIP George. 

First we have a new addition her name is Esme she is a Toggenbergand 3 years old she is such a good girl and has settled in well at the momentshe is lodging with the lambs and seems to enjoy their company.

I have been busy over the last few weeks collecting Applesfor the EESG Apple Day to be held here next Sunday so let’s hope for fineweather finger crossed pleased.
I love this time of year so much produce and so much you cando with it!
 I have been luckyenough to have been given a good supply of lovely black grapes so I have beenbusy making grape juice and wine which is very busy bubbling away in demijohns.
I have to make sure I am down stairs first in the morning toclear up the bubble overspill before mum sees and blows a gasket.

Talking of Mum She has also been busy with Furzedown Harvest.Last weekend she made Spiced Pickled Pears and Pear and lime Preserve oh andnearly forgot Christmas Mincemeat, this weekend she plans Pumpkin and MarrowChutney.

That’s it for now! Animal’s to be fed and put to bed. I haveasked Mum to help me with the blog so hopefully won’t be so long before thenext up-date.

Remember “Furzedown Smallholding Produce” is nearly underwayif you would like to place an order for Christmas just let me know we will beoffering:
Home Grown Turkeys raised with lots of love and treats offresh veg and fruit.

Pigs in Blankets to accompany your Turkeys.

Christmas Hams cured in my own recipe ready for you to cook. 

Sausage meat for your homemade sausage rolls.

And I am hoping Mum will do some more Christmas Mincemeatmade to her Nanny Lottie’s special recipe.

Happy weekend to you all!!!

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