Sunday, October 27, 2013

What a fantastic weekend

This weekend has officially flown by!

I rushed home from work on Friday to take our winter straw delivery. I hate it, the tractors are massive, the bales are huge! But its manageable and it works well. We now have six lovely heston bales of wheat straw tucked up in the barn, hopefully this will keep us going until February. Thank you Team Blackwater bailing a fab job as ever.

I visited the cows on Saturday, they are looking so well. I've told them to make the most of it, because they will be coming home in the next few weeks ready for the winter.

Despite and extra hour in bed, we had an early start this morning. We were hosting the first East Essex Smallholders Group Apple Day.

What a fabulous day, the sun shone most of the day with a little wind! We pressed and amazing 250 litres of juice and pasteurised 160 bottles. A truly lovely day that showed such community spirit. As well as what fabulous bakers we have with an Apple Pie versus Apple Cake competition. Well Done Team EESG.

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