Thursday, March 20, 2014

I've been trying to write a post all week, however work has been getting in the way! Travis Perkins is very busy at the moment and I seem to be starting early and finishing late. I think someone has flicked a switch and the country has started building again.

I did have a lovely find whilst out dropping some bits off for work, A sign outside a farm offering Buffalo meat. I will be making a trip their soon to purchase some for dinner. 

Well the Farmers Market, what a beautiful sunny day (and we were stuck in doors!) we met some wonderful people, converted several people to smoked cheese, hedgerow sauce was a winner and my Father came out off himself! We all no father's language is rather colourful and we are always telling him stop swearing. Well he did, he mangaged a whole three hours without a swear word! 

He sold sausages, cheese and loads of preserves under the watchful idea of Mum, ready to kick him if he slipped up.

People were really interest about the life we lead, and the produce we have. We sold 16 kilos of sausages, 8kg of cheese and various preserves. A great day, if anyone is reading this post who purchased from us, I hope your are enjoying our produce. 

As much as we enjoyed doing the Farmers Market it has made us realise a few things, working full time  and running the smallholding as our hobby makes for a busy life. I found last weekend exhausting although very rewarding, so we have decided for the moment to try and build our farmgate sales. So on a lovely sunny day we can enjoy our smallholding rather than being inside. 

We had about six kilos of sausages left, which after a few text messages were off to their new homes. Ladies I hope you enjoy them!

The other pig had been sold as a whole carcass to cut up and be enjoyed, however we we're let down at the last minute. So we spent Sunday and Monday evening butchinrg the pig which now has a nice new freezer to go to in Great Dunmow this weekend. Thank you Mr and Mrs Whitmore for stepping in at such short notice. 

I was convinced the calf was on its way today. In Grandads words "her bags needs to be TIGHT!" Well it's was certainly that this morning and she had discharge. But whilst driving to work hands free I arranged various checks throughout the day. Thank you Grandad, Sally, Nigel and Mum. I am sitting here typing this post and still no calf. I think tonight maybe the night.

Early start in the morning, tomorrow is the day for Dennis the Dexter to go. Not a nice task, but unfortuantly one that needs to happen. Simon is coming to help us load him to make the task as stress free as possible. It's going to be a really sad day. 

Anyway time for bed soon.

night Night

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