Saturday, March 15, 2014

Well not long now! The farmers market is tomorrow! 

Gareth and Dad butchered the pig on Wednesday and Thursday evening so it was all diced  and ready to mince on Friday morning. 

Sally snd Martyn helped me make the sausages yesterday, thank you both! They are now in the fridge drying ready for packaging tonight! 

The smoker is going on within the hourto smoke   the cheddar. Exciting times! 

Well no calve still, i'm sure she will have it tomorrow when we are out and Grandad and Sally are watching her.

I was convinced she was having it on wednesday night. But she had wind! 

The cow cam is great I probably check it five times during the night, everyone should have one! 

Oh well must crack on! The sun is shinning and i am typing this sitting onthe  bench with the turkeys. 

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  1. Hi Danni! I followed you here from a link I saw in my own blog stats and I'm so happy to find you. I hope your market day went well and that you sold out. Happy Spring!