Saturday, February 14, 2015

Well I had hoped to blog last weekend, but it just flew by and this week, I find myself sitting at the kitchen table under candle light luckily while dinner finishes cooking in our gas oven typing this. A little less of an outside post today as we have been in doors preparing for the baby. Thanks to Mum and Dad we are moving into the big bedroom to give us a little more space with the baby. Because it so big it had become a dumping ground for old tv's and hoovers! So after a good trip to the tip it looked far better. Last year a shower pump had  been fitted in the airing cupboard, this did however mean the shelving unit for airing washing no longer fitted. So that had been evicted into the bedroom. 

But after several hours of us all moving bits and painting we were getting somewhere combined with father in law laying oak flooring and skirting board and dad making some shelves. Mum has a fully functional air cupboard again once the varnish dries!

Father in law has also laid oak flooring in the bathroom and has tiled the shower and walls it looking great. We are very lucky for all the help our parents are giving us.   

We have found a nice new carpet from an old contact from my buying days and I'm pleased to say it's made with British wool. We are hoping by the end of this week we will be fully painted and waxed. So on the dreaded Friday 13th the carpet can be laid and we can move in. 

We went on a Red Cross first aid course last week, specifically for babies and children. I feel far more confident that god for bid if we did have to use our skills I would feel more confident. But I hope it doesn't come to this. 

Well my Wednesday night post has spilled into a Friday night post. The last of the pigs have gone and have been hung in the fridge. Again they were massive, 102,77 and 72 kilos. The Oxford Sandy and Black really can take running to a larger pig without excess fat. Very good carcass's. However nothing ever goes to plan! Dad has had his work changed and he is now working all weekend. Which poses a very large problem. However Eddie to the rescue he has butchered all the pigs today they look amazing! He is so clever! He had certainly made our weekend far less stressful. So I will bag it all tomorrow and most of it will be collected. 

We have also had the day off today, well off from paid work! But we have been very busy. Terry and Jan the Inlaws come over, we now have a nicely fitted new carpet. As well as all of our furniture in the big bedroom. Blooming fantastic and a new bed!

Well a second hand bed, we have managed to kit ourselves out with a lovely set of pine furniture thanks to ebay. 

For some reason we decided to do valentines day early. I think it was because we had planned to have steak, but with Dad working it seemed unfair. So I gave Gareth his pressie a lovely bottle of dows port and gave me mine. A lovely selection of baby bits including baby grows and bibs with sheep on. Perfect, I want our baby to grow up knowing about animals straight away. 

Why not make a busy day more busy? The architect called round as well to discuss our final requirements before she starts putting some preliminary drawings together. How exciting! 

Hopefully if the council will approve we want to build a house that is as thermal efficient and less reliant upon the grid as possible. We would like to include renewable energy, underfloor heating, a log burner and some solar panels. 

Well this has been a long post sorry it's taken so long.

Hope to catch up soon.

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