Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday's Jobs

An early start today, Dennis (The Dexter) likes to be fed by 5.45am otherwise he will moo and moo and moo, until he gets his breakfast and haylage.

Once all the animals were tended, we set about costructing some more of the bug hotel.

We have been working on two areas of the wood over the last few months. One area has never been touched since we have been at Furzedown, The other the pigs have been using for a few years. We are trying to plant as many new native trees as possible including some fruit trees to benefit both wildlife and us. We have added bird and owl boxes as well as feeders. We will eventually house our bees in this area.

Mum and I went to look at some extra grazing today, great result all fenced, shelter and water. Very pleased.

Dad cold smoked some hams for Emily at Durrants Farm, she came to collect them today bearing gifts, two packs of lovely Homemade Venison and Red Wine Sausages. Looking forward to them for dinner this week.

We also went and collected our first lot of bee keeping equipment. We are now proud owners of three commercial bee hives. A honey and wax extractor and all the associated equipment we will need to keep bees. Big thank you to Ant Clegg. 

A lovely dinner thanks to Mum, home cured ham, God Bless Rosie Pig ( A tamworth that we were unfortuantly unable to get in pig, after several attempts we had to make the very hard decison to put her in the freezer, however nothing was wasted.)

Three skeins of our wool mixed will alpaca all washed and drying.

Three weeks ago, we made some cheddar. We checked it to see how it is maturing, looks good, its starting to go a yellow colour, can't wait to try it.

Me thinks not a bad days work.

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