Sunday, March 31, 2013

What Lovely Weather For Easter

Well what can we say, the weather has been so much better for Easter. Although its been cold, we have had some sun, no rain and the ground is drying up.

Thursday night saw the last bee keeping course, we have really enjoyed it and would to thank Chelmsford Bee Keepers.

Friday we went and collected Tilly from the Bull. We called to her across the field and she recongnised us straight away, mooing back at us. When the herd came to the gate, we were able to entice Tilly with a cabbage to get her halter on and straight on to the trailer. What a good girl, we are so pleased to have her home, and hopefully she will give us a beautiful calf!

The Bull that Tilly visited.

We spent a little bit of time down the bottom of the wood, building some more on the bug hotel, and hanging up the new bird feeders. Some of the trees and coming to life and buds are starting to burst.

Then Margorie the Oxford Down, gave birth to twins. The first lamb was up and about and suckling. However the second wasn't very strong, we tried to get it up and feeding, but it was wet and it was so cold outside. We decided to bring it indoors to dry it off and give it a bottle of Volstrum (an artificial Colostrum - first milk). Mum has tried to bottle feed her, but she's very weak, so our friend Nigel showed us how to feed using a stomach tube. We aren't sure at the moment whether the poor little thing is going to pull through, but we are doing our best to help it.

Mum feeding the lamb.
We were very lucky that our neighbour Mr Anderson took pity on our rather muddy drive way and gave us a lovely load of road plannings and a roller to go over it. After several hours of hard work a very tired Dad with a blister and Gareth had made a fine job. No more muddy shoes.

Gareth working very hard

Raj and Sally had very kindly gave us a lovely shoulder of their goat. So Gareth made a delicious Jamacain Curry. We had all the trimmings, Bombay Potatoes, Onion Bahji and Samosa. Bloody lovely. I'm not sure we could raise goats, I don't think they would make it to Fowlers.

We also loaded the incubator with a mixture of our eggs.

Easter Sunday kept us just as busy, we moved the log shed ready to fill up with wood for next winter. Gareth and Maurice spent the day topping up the road way down the wood with crushed concrete. It looks great and is going to make life so much easier.

Me and Dad hung a gate to access the bottom of the wood, this will hopefully make moving bee things around a lot easier,  when we finally get our bee's.

The day finished with a beautiful back rib of Dexter beef. God Bless Derrek! We are so lucky to have a freezer full of such wonderful beef. Thanks Mum for a wonderful dinner.

We are hoping to mix the cows together tomorrow. I also have some spinning to do and Gareth wants to finish putting out the crushed concrete with Maurice.

Night Night.

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