Monday, March 25, 2013


Well where an earth has spring gone? Its the end of March, minus one, snow on the ground and bitterly cold. Mum has various seeds growing in pots on the window sill, as nothing would be able to grow in this cold weather. The dinning room table is full of potatoes chitting.

Lets hope after Easter, it will warm up.

The bee course last week was very good. We were looking at disease, what is notifiable to DEFRA, as well as how to deal with varroa. We have such a lot to learn.

Friday night brought a delicious omlet for dinner, with turkey eggs and home cured pancetta. We will certainly be curing more of that.

With the wet and cold weekend, whilst Gareth was as work, I spent the afternoon spinning wool. I have found a lovely fleece, it's very creamy coloured and I have spun three skeins of wool. Just to decide what to make with it.

Dennis the Dexter has been rather itchy, so our friend Simon offered to come over and inject him with panomec for us. This drug kills all external and internal parasites but needs to be administered just under the skin. Thank god for Simon, Dennis is proving he suffers from LCS also know as Little Cow Syndrome! He managed to outwit Gareth twice squeezing through the crush before he had time to snap it shut. He was not a happy boy! Finally Simon jabbed him, despite bending the needle. Note to us, short thick needles are required! When we let him out he stood at the back on the barn snorting and pawing the ground. He certainly is stonger willed than our Derek last year.

Dad has been a busy boy this weekend. He has wanted to make a pork pie for some time. On Thursday night he made his hot water crust pastry. On Friday night he roped Gareth into making the cases with the dolly. Saturday and Sunday he filled them with meat from Rosie Pig the Tamworth.and injected them with the stock from the trotters. The pastry was made using the lard we rendered down from Rosie Pig.

Well what can I say DELICIOUS. Well done Dad!

Marjorie the Oxford Down is the first due to lamb, the CCTV is up and running for Mum to keep and eye on them. So watch this space for lamby pics.

Easter weekend, brings our girl Tilly the Dexter home, we are off to collect her on Good Friday.

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  1. Visited your blog via EESG - I have often dreamt of a smallholding but not sure I have the energy! Love the picture of Dennis!
    At the moment I have to content myself with 5 chickens and a large vegetable garden - oh, and 3 springer spaniels!
    Looking forward to reading more about your smallholding.