Monday, May 27, 2013

We planned to have a nice easy weekend. Its been nice and relaxed and not too hectic. But a lot has been achieved.

Mum and I have spent many hours gardening. The borders are looking great and very colourful. All i seem to do is weed! The vegetable garden is coming along nicely, we have planted beetroot, packchoi,peas and beans. Mum has set loads more seeds. I attended the compost collection at the local Council offices on saturday and have three dustbins of free compost and a new free compost bin!

Whilst out i purchased sone reduced seed potatoes which Maurice has planted. We have loads of spuds on the go!

We have moved the pigs into the wood. They are filthy and very tired piggies! Its great to see them out enjoying themselves

Four ewes and lambs have moved to summer grazing. Its very quiet here now , much less BAA BAA.

We are taking our last three lambs from last year to the abattoir on thursday. So butchery next weekend.

The dexters have gone on holiday to Hockley. So Tilly can be serviced by the bull. Dennis is a quarter of the size of the bull.

The beehives have been sterilised ready for our bees to arrive.

The meat birds have been enjoying the sun!

And i have managed to spin a skein of jacob wool!

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