Sunday, September 15, 2013

Im officially shattered and ready for bed!
We checked the bees early as rain was forecast. They are doing well, we saw both the queens! They are finding something to feed on as they aren't touching the sugar syrup we are giving them.

We managed to fit in a quick cuppa and scrambled eggs on toast before our friends arrived and we set to work!

Dad and Marisa made sausages, a South African delight and The Furzedown Fiery Dragon.

Me, Mum, Iain and the boys crushed and pressed 18 litres of juice. Some is fermenting as perry, some was pasturised into bottles so it will keep as juice and lots was drunk!

After a lovely venison stew i put some plums onto extract and now have a lovely demi john of plum wine fermenting.

Gareth has also finally started the beer kit i brought him last Christmas.

Not to mention we aren't alcoholics! But we also started a litre of damson vodka and damson gin.

Night night off to bed before work starts all over again!

I nearly forgot, we gave a new machine. Maurice has a dumper!

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