Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter has arrived for me, today was the first day of my week off. I have had a wonderful day, i am now sitting in the garden under the most wonderful blossom from the pear trees drinking tea and typing this post. I don't think life gets much better than that! Or am i easily pleased? I don't care, i love our life.

Today has been very productive, i have mowed, weeded and planted several things in the garden mainly floral. Although i did get chance to plant the broad beans out that Mum has been nurturing. 

This afternoon i have been on lamb watch, all is quiet! The poor girls are so uncomfortable, and overdue now.

Margorie lambed yesterday morning, we had a nose and a foot. For those of you that watch lambing life i think you all know we need two feet, a head and the diving position. I got my lubrication out and went in, however i failed i couldnt find the other foot and could feel something over its back. Nigel to the rescue! It was twins and the second one was backwards. The backwards lamb is struggling a little, her legs are weak, however with a bit of tender loving care we hope they will come right.

The potatoes have stuck their heads through? So i have invested in a new sprinkler   today.

East Essex Smallholders meeting this evening an Easter Cake Competition! 

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