Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I keep laughing and joking at the moment that my head needs booking in irvan upgrade. Work is so busy at present my head cant take anymore, things seem to go in one ear and out the other. Tonight proved this! I was just about to come up for a shower, i filled my evening drink up to think the water pressure is low, which sparked the thought did i turn the hose off from watering the pumpkins and marrows, NO!!!!!! Very well watered plants! I was amazed whilst being outside at dusk the huge amount of bats, i do love seeing them.

I am collecting three more pigs on Saturday! That will be our lot for the year a total of 15. Not bad. 

We are planning the weekend after to make sausages so the order book is open for joints, chops, hams, bacon and sausages. 

I helped mum worm the sheep on saturday, first time i have seen them for a while. Lotties lamb, Peaches is a stunner, every young lamb would love nice long curvacious legs and hair like her! A definate addition to the Furzedown Flock.
Well time for bed, sorry for the lack of photos i must clear my photo memory on my phone.

P.s i forgot the last  lot of this years meat  chixks have arrived.

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