Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm sitting at the kitchen table tying this post after a incredibly hot and humid week. The rain is pouring, and we have thunder lightening. I'm not a huge fan of storms but one we really need the pasture is so dry and in need of this rain.

We had to bring the sheep home from the kennels last night as they have eaten all of the grass and been push on next doors fence.  So hopefully this down pour will give it a new life and they can go back.

Pork sales have been absolutely amazing this last few weeks. Thank you to everyone who has purchased from us, we hope you are enjoying it as much as we do. 

We have had about eight new customers all enjoying sausages and pork joints. I even had a Mr Pigg buy pork from us! 

I was meant to have had yesterday off work, however that didn't
 Go to plan my phone started at 8am and I think the last call was 3.30pm. Every time I started something I ended up back in the house on my laptop. In between calls I spent the day yesterday smoking bacon and a ham. I look forward to a bacon sandwich on Saturday morning. 

We are off to the Southminster Show tomorrow, we are taking the goats. Dyes the kids are allowed out. I really hope they behave, I am planning on sitting next to their pen with with my spinning wheel in a perfect world. However I could end up sitting in the pen with them on halters!

Mum is taking Teresa the Oxford Down with her lamb Minie Minie. Dad is smoking and making sausages. Other members will be selling their produce, making bread and bringing chooks.

I love the Southminster show it's a great day.

I have planted lots of kale in our patch in the wood, I wrapped it up yesterday to protect them from the cabbage whites. Everything is looking really good. 

Last Sunday was a great dinner, we had home grown chicken, spuds freshly dug from the wood and lettuce from the poly tunnel. 

Anyway I'm off for a swim now before a few hours of work. 

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