Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The three pig carcasses were delivered home today. My sadness went as we opened the fridge doors and saw three excellent carcasses. The fat content was good. The last  lot of pigs were very fatty, but we tried to slow the feeding of these and are very pleased with the end carcass. 

I have been slacking with pork sales, we have sold 3/4 of a pig however i have lots   Left if any of our followers on here would like to purchase some this weekend. 

We have chops and joints as well as taking orders for bacon and hams. Not forgetting sausages as well! We have a new flavour this time a pork and sage sausage. We are also going to bd experimenting  with a pork and ale sausage. With ale from our local
Micro brewery Farmers Ales. We are going to use Gareths favourite beer from them Dark Horse which brews out at over  7%. 

Our hay was bailed this evening, luck would have it our days of hay carting are over with the marvels of modern technology. It will be loaded on the trailer for us and then we will fork it off when we bring it home.

Anyway i am off to bed early start in the
Morning Gareth is leaving home at 5.45.

P.s i have a  crook neck squash growing.

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