Friday, November 7, 2014

I thought I had posted this a few days ago needless to say I posted it on the East Essex Smallholders Blog! So second time lucky here goes!

Goodness me what a long time it has been. I have so much to tell you all!

I think our first news should be that Gareth and I are pleased to tell you a new addition is coming to Furzedown in April. No it's not a lamb, piglet or calf but a baby! 

I hope that this place will be a wonderful home for child and we can't wait.

I do think that our smallholding plans will have to slow just a little next year to accommodate our change in life. One of the main things being Mum isn't going to have lambs it's just a little close to me having the baby and as I won't be able to help I think it's a sensible idea. There is no reason why we can't buy some weaned lambs for fattening so we can have some lamb. 

It seems so long ago, nearly a month when we sent lambs off. We had a lovely weekend butchering. Thanks to you tube Dad and Gareth had a go at boning the shoulders. Such a huge task but once rolled and tied looked fantastic.  

I also spent ten days tending and  salting the sheep skins. I did four of ours and five of Nigels. His skins were Jacobs and some cross breed brown skins. I think they will look amazing if the make it through the process.  Finally after two hours packaging them all up they left on TNT.  I look forward to them returning in January. 

Maurice has used his Trusty Tractor to lift some of the potatoes. That machine is a beast she makes him sweat, but what a good job it does. There are still some to come up but we will defiantly be doing it again next year. I have planted some onions and garlic in there now. 

We also hosted the second East Essex Smallholders Group Apple Day . Several families attended and we pressed a huge amount of apples into juice and cider. 

Dad has been working on the fridge in preparation for the Christmas meat to be prepared. It's looking really good.

Mum and I are booked to attend a couple of events to sell our preserves at. Not to mention they are now stocked at  Maldon's Tourist Information Centre.  

Busy weekend this weekend, the cows are coming home for the winter. The lambs are going into the barn for winter. And if time allows the ewes are coming home. 

We are busy taking orders for Christmas. We have a couple of turkeys left as well as Dexter Steak, mince and diced beef. 

Gareth is working nights this week and Mum has been to my Grandparents for Dad and I have enjoyed a lovely roast chicken of ours. I am really enjoying our delicious meat birds.  A definite for next year. 

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