Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's been a lovely weekend, I love it when you feel such a lot has been achieved!

We have been busy preparing for the sheep and cows to come home for winter this weekend.

Saturday saw mother and I moving All the electric netting for the sheep, about 300 meters of it. There is nothing that annoys poor mum more, it gets twisted, she stands on it and I even recall her falling over wrapped up in it once! But we have a good system now, I move it and lay it out flat and Mum pegs it into the ground. A few hours later job done! 

A nice warm up and poached egg for breakfast meant we were ready to prepare the barns for their winter guests. 

Dude and Fred the ram are in their winter quarters in the horses barn. Barricaded in as well as possible. Fred is rather revered up the moment, he should be working by now but as we aren't having lambs he will have to stay in the barn away from the ewes. 

The lambs are now in the barn next to the cows, with a few ewes who will be moved later this week. They will be finished on our haylage and then sold as freezer boxes of lamb. Apart from Peaches who will be joining the flock. 

We collected the cattle Sunday lunch time, thanks to Simon and Sally they were ready and waiting in the horses yard. All we did was drop the ramp and move the gate and and they walked on. They are now snuggled up in their straw bed. 

I can't believe how much Tulip has grown she is a real young lady now. Sadly Red will be departing on the first of December but he has had a lovely summer.

We have filled the Christmas Turkey Pen with bark, it was starting to get a little muddy.

Mum made me and early birthday cake, which was lovely for tea at three! I can't believe I'm 29 tomorrow. I remember leaving school like it was  yesterday!

Two excellent meals this weekend. Jamaican curry made with some mutton from our friend Nigel on Saturday. It was rather warming,  the peppers from the poly tunnel were a little hotter than I thought. But a really delicious way to use mutton. 

Tonight we enjoyed a pot roast Dexter beef joint. Delicious!!!

Anyway I wish you all a good week. 


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