Sunday, November 16, 2014

This week has flown by, I was 29 on Monday and goodness me wasn't I spoilt. Gareth brought me a new pair of Le Chamaeu Wellies, they are wonderful. Mum and Dad gave me money and brought us our first baby things, some baby grows, dummies and a rather lovely baby on board sign. 

One of my customers brought me a lovely Victoria sponge from his daughters tea shop. 

Dad has been away working all week, we have really missed him, but Gareth and I have been busy finishing bits in the fridge ready for dad's return each night. Today Dad, Maurice and Gareth has been bust putting up the wall sheets in the front of the fridge, it's really taking shape and we are on track to be finished for Christmas.

Mum and I have made over 50 jars of chutney, marrow and beetroot and mint. The shop we are supplying have sold their first ten jars so Nanny has delivered more this week.  It's been nice having a break from preserve making, but we still have produce to turn into preserves. So it was great to cross two off the list. I have labelled the marrow so just the beetroot left. We have red onion marmalade, pumpkin chutney and rosemary jelly still to make. It would seem the 4 oz jars are the most popular. We are hoping to order Mum a new cooker this week, we really have killed the current one. We had a lovely rather large joint of pork for dinner and it wasn't cooked all the way through so we have put it back in the oven, six hours later and it's still not cooked! Poor cooker she has been a faithful cooker but she is now exhausted and ready for the scrap heap. 

Mum and Dad were out at my grandparents for dinner last night so we enjoyed wonderful rump steak from Dennis, god bless him! 

The cattle have spent all week being hungry, but Red gave us a lay in this morning 7.45 before he was mooing for breakfast. They are really enjoying bananas as one of their five a day. They would do anything for a banana.  

We are off with some fellow smallholders tomorrow to give a talk to South East Essex Organic Gardeners, so I am creating a PowerPoint presentation of photos, so I shall wish you all a good week and carry on uploading photos. 

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