Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution

Here we are January 2017 where does time go !

It's been far to long since our last Blog up date but my news years resolution isn't let's start a diet or join the gym it's lets try to keep our blog up- dated 
here we go.

My goodness where do I start! Danni is back to work after maternity leave and has very little spare time with work, caring for the small child who I might add isn't so small anymore ! and smallholding tasks and duties.

So it's over to me mother of Furzedown Smallholding for now.
I'm not sure where to start such a lot has gone on so I think I will start with the present and and keep popping back to last years adventures.

Latest news is we have two beautiful calves born just before Christmas. 

Tilly the Dexter and Tulip her daughter both had a little holiday a few months back with a very handsome local Bull and just before Christmas and with no problems they both produced to healthy calves.

We had been keeping a close eye on them we had moved them into their winter quarters in the barn ready for the big event! 

Much time had been spent leaning on the gate watching their big bellies moving while the calves jiggled around inside,theirs udders had developed and we knew we wouldn't have long to wait.

Tulip a first time mum was the first to produce, a little female calf,all on her own no assistance needed except maybe a few words of encouragement from her mother Tilly.

Tulip took to motherhood perfectly licking the calf dry and gently mooing.

Such a lovely sound normally it's a huge long Moo for where's my breakfast .....your late ! But this is such a gently low noise it's wonderful to hear and of course to watch that bond growing with her new off spring, it just reminds me how wonderful nature is.

One down one to go! 

About a week later I woke with a jolt to 4 sharp very loud Moo's!

My bedroom window looks out onto the barn so I am pretty aware of any goings on out there. 

I hastily sent Danni a text I could have walked across the landing and tapped on her door but with the small child sleeping and not wanting to wake him I thought it safer to text, the joy of modern technology lol.

I soon had a reply saying Gareth was out there checking ....... Next text "there is some discharge labour is underway" .......15 minutes later and the next text "I can see the water bag" 

By this time I was up the excitement was all to much for me.

We didn't want to interfere just let labour progress naturally but of course keep an eye out for any problems expecting a calf mid to late morning.

Tilly had other ideas I walked past the barn some 20 minutes later and boom there was our second calf !

A big strong boy who was named Bolt after Usain Bolt because his big Handsome and came out at the speed of light lol.

Such exciting times for us and a few weeks on and all is going well and the babies are growing and settled.

Have a lovely week
Donna x