Friday, February 7, 2014

I want it to stop raining, I want to start growing things!

We are having a potato plot this year in the pig run, so we need quite a lot of seed potatoes. But their is so much choice! Early, second early and main crop. I have been posting on the East Essex Smallholders Blog to help me and others decide what to buy.

I have been following a blog for a few weeks now,
this lady has inspired me so much for growing this year. I just need this rain to stop! Today Bean sprouts have been mentioned, they will certainly be on my have a go list this year.

Mother and I are planning a preserving session tomorrow. The freezer have reached the silly point, they are so full, so we must live off of them and make room for poor Dennis.

We have strawberry jam planned for East Essex Smallholders Group and Plum Chutney for Furzedown. We are planning on attended our first Farmers Market on 16th March so we need to start stocking up.

I forgot to mention that Belinda and Warren brought the cheese round that they had made with my stash of milk, it was wonderful brie and cheddar. Thanks you both! I want to make cheese! That will have to wait until we have more time!

Anyway Mum's homemade Pizza for Dinner, I will catch up on Sunday.

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