Sunday, February 9, 2014

Preserving success! Strawberry jam, plum chutney and pear and lime preserve. We made a total of 46 jars! 

The strawberry jam was for East Essex Smallholders Group but the rest was for us. We are attending our first Farmers Market on Sunday 16th March so we are trying to stock up. 

A productive day was finished with the most wonderful dexter steak for dinner. We all feel very lucky that we are able to enjoy such beautiful beef. God bless Derek. We put its wonderful flavour down to it being a traditional breed that has been reared slowly on quality forage with love. As well as the hanging process, we hung this carcass to mature for 21 days which improved the tenderness and flavour.

Today Maurice and I went seed potato shopping. Well what can I say 45kg later as well as £78 goodness knows where they are all going. As well at 2kg of onion setts. I hope it's a productive year. 

I also finished my last five ducks from shooting season, I plucked them and we had roast duck for dinner. It was delicious. 

All the animals are copping in the wet weather, we are bracing ourselves for another week of rain, I'm not sure where it's going to go the ground in sodden.

After two late evenings of labelling jars,  back to work in the morning. Check in later in the week. 

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