Sunday, February 23, 2014

No rain all weekend maybe spring is on the way!

On Tuesday the Cheese and Pie man did cheese tasting for the Smallholders Group monthly meeting. My god there is so much more to supermarket cheese? Thirty pounds later and we have some lovely Lancashire Bomber, a cheddar with horseradish in it and a cheddar that is wrapped in stinging nettle leaves. All three are just wonderful, such delicious cheese. The pies well what we say all hand made, Mum,s didn't make it to Wednesday Morning. 

It has been wonderful having so rain, everything had dried up so much, the sun has been out and we have had a productive weekend. 

Saturday was Dad's birthday so we kept him busy, he had continued working on the Fridge. It's really taking shape now. I have spring cleaned the fridge using Dad's Christmas Present a Vax Steam Cleaner, what a cracking little machine. It wasn't enough just doing the fridge, Mum and I did the kitchen floor and cooker, it looks brilliant. 

We did treat Dad to Dexter Steak for dinner, which we all enjoyed. 

Whilst I was cleaning the pigs out on Saturday Morning, one of the gilts decided to run between my legs and play in the garden. She had a fab time, doing mad pig, digging holes everywhere. Dad and Grandad came to my rescue and we got her back in the pen. What a naughty piggie! 

We were planning on being up and about early on Sunday morning but a late night labelling EESG preserves ment I slept in until eight o clock. 

Once everything was fed, we cracked on with vaccinating the sheep and goats. We have now learnt that an Oxford Down doesn't fit between my legs! Lottie managed to get past Gareth and as I tried to grab her, she shot between my legs causing me to fall over and bang my head on the wall on the sheep house. 

I could see stars! I now have a big bump on my head and have had an annoying head ache all day. Blooming sheep! Gareth says that would have been £250 from You've been framed!

All sheep and goats are now vaccinated with Heptavac. 

We moved Tilly into the maternity ward today. As she is so close to calving we didn't want Dennis with her causing trouble. 

I have been researching what I need in our Calving kit this week, the vets have given me a great list which I will start putting together in a box this week.

Gareth's parents popped over today, his dad has made me a lovely stand for selling produce on. It will look great at the Farmers Market. 

Edith is all mended now and can do mad kid again,

Today was finished with a wonderful roast leg of pork with all the trimmings! 

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