Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Arrivals

We never seem to have a dull moment!

The week just seems to fly by and before you know it, its the weekend again.

The salt beef was very nice, we enjoyed it with fresh bread, mustard and horse radish. We will definitely do it again.

Mum and Dad went out on Saturday and Gareth and I were left in charge of the small child, Pearl the lamb! My god I'm exhausted and appreciate all the hard work Mum is putting in to raise our bundle of joy. Put that bit of paper down, stop chewing that, get out the cupboard, come and sit down. Thank god for the dog crate! A few hours was such hard work. Gareth managed to cover his jeans in lamby poo!


Its still so cold and nothing wants to grow, so today we have planted some carrots and parsnips in a length of gutter pipe that we hope to transplant into the vegetable plot. At last all the potatoes are planted.

This afternoon, we set off to collect our next group of pigs. Oxford Sandy and Blacks from Marsh Farm Country Park. We were thinking of having four but settled on five, a gilt and four boars. They seem to have settled in well and hopefully when the ground dries up in a few weeks, they can move into the wood.

The quail have started laying.

Mums chooks are really starting to get into some sort of order now, the surplus cockerels are now in a fattening pen. So, roast chicken in a few weeks.

We are collecting twenty Ex Commercial Free Range Black Rock hens on Friday, so lots of eggs soon.

Back to work tomorrow.

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