Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring is so lovely

The sun has been out, the grass is growing and we have more lambs.

Mum might as well have not gone to work on Friday. Lottie gave birth to twins in the morning. Followed by a very large single for Shirley in the afternoon with assistance from Nigel.

We are so lucky!

The lamb with bent legs is mended but its Mum has rejected her . So Diana is now Pearls friend and we take them for a walk each evening. They are such a pleasure.

The horses and cows have been out in the field this weekend. Its nice to see them enjoying the sun.

Gareth and I joined the smallholders group this afternoon for a tour of a sixty acre private wood. It was beautiful so many bluebells.

Finished off with Berkshire Pork and Darcy Spice Cider. We shall all sleep well.

Tomorrow is a sad day, Domino our sow is going to the abattoir. I have had her for four and a half years. But we are unable to get her in pig and we made the tough decision that she must go.

Next weekend we must turn the carcass into sausages and bacon.

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