Friday, April 5, 2013

Pearl and another lamb

Well, its been a strange week. I was having a good old sort out of Mums feral chickens on Wednesday. She has nearly as many cockeral's as hens. They fly out and lay eggs where they want. So I set about getting a little order!

The Jubilee Orpingtons are all together now as are the buffs. And with a little help from Gareth at the weekend to move a coop, I will have a pen of fattening cockerals! Mum and Dad both find this very hard, but with the price of feed, Its not possible to have so many males in the flock.

I moved onto the last pen, to take some hybrids out from the Sussex Cockeral, when we had a collision, he managed to fly at me and catch his spur on a vein in my wrist. Blood, blood and more blood. It was pumping out! But I managed to keep a hen under my arm, shut the door and apply pressure! Mum normally can't find the first aid kit but she found it very quick. Off to the doctors we went! A course of antibiotics and hopefully I will be on the mend.

However it has left me a little useless, I couldn't go back to work on Thursday because I can't drive. My wrist is so sore I can't twist it or bend my fingers too much. Mr Sussex is a lucky boy, if I had another Sussex Cockeral, he may have been on the table by now! I have managed to type one handed! And prepared a piece on East Essex Smallholders Group for the new magazine Practical Sheep, Goats and Alpacas.

I have also finally written my piece for my guest blog for The Good Life in Practice.

Pearl is doing well, I have been in charge whilst Mum has been at work. She likes the dog bed in the kitchen, she likes listening to the TV.


Daisy lambed late yesterday, she didn't take to the lamb very well but after helping it to feed and penning her up tight, she loves her little boy now.


 Teresa is fed up, she is so heavily pregnant.


I'm cooking dinner tonight, pheasant with Phili, Black Pepper and Breadcrumbs.

 More lambs expected this weekend.

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