Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New chooks, lambs and chicks.

All has been busy so i'm writing a quick update before an early night.

We collected some ex commercial organic black rocks on Friday. They have come to the end of their commercial life at three years old, but will keep us in eggs for a long time.

One of the incubators hatched over the weekend, not a particularly good hatch only 8 out of 20. Having spoken to several other people it seems its been put down to the bad weather when the eggs were laid.

We will reload tomorrow with bourbon red and bronze eggs.

We had a good tidy up at a piece of land we use and its all ready for our remaining lambs from last year to start grazing next weekend.

Pearl is still wonderful she has been to water the greenhouse with me tonight.

Polly lambed twins on Friday, One had back legs that weren't quite right. We have splinted them and they are coming right.

Tilly lambed on Monday, a lovely big lamb.

We still have four girls to go. They can't hang onto them much longer!

Night night

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