Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year to all our Blog followers, Furzedown wishes you all the very best for 2014.

Time for another little up-date

Christmas Day was lovely we had family and friends for the day and enjoyed our home reared/produced Turkey, pork and Beef I think it tastes good because it’s reared with love(and cooked by Mum) and we raised a glass to them all at the table.

It was lovely to have a bit of a rest after the and bussle of getting all the Christmas orders out.

We have had some wonderful feed back from our customers and are very pleased everyone enjoyed their Furzedown smallholding Turkey, Home Cured Ham(to my own secret recipe) and Pigs in Blankets, some customers have already placed orders for next year and we can’t wait to see you all again, we have a few more ideas for next year! No stopping us now.

I am still on holiday at the moment I have had a wonderful break and am going to find it very hard going back to working life again!

All is well at Furzedown although rather wet and muddy in fact there is mud everywhere I think we can safely say up to our knees in the stuff BUT never mind Spring is just round the corner.

I shouldn’t moan we have been very lucky compared to some parts of the country.
We did have a power cut Christmas Eve which was a bit of a worry but dad rigged up the generator with mums help! He needed to change a plug on the generator lead but of course we couldn’t find the torch but Mum to the rescue! She had a wind up one in her handbag, it was so funny her winding it up and Dad bellowing hold it were I can see and just as he put the last screw in the plug the electric came back on.

All the animals are fine and coping with the wet weather. Edith and Myrtle the kids have settled in very well they are little darling with very big characters they are very cosy in dear old Georges stable but come out on the yard each afternoon for fun and games and go into the barn to visit Esme.

We also have another two new arrivals two Oxford Sandy and Black piglets all tucked up in the pig sty protected from all this wet weather. Next supply of sausages should be ready late spring.

Tilly the Dexter is showing all positive signs of being in calf which is very exciting we are going to have a busy April lambs, calf and possibly kids due it’s going to be like an episode of “call the Midwife” at Furzedown.

Dad has been working on the cutting room which is coming on a treat, it now has its own front door and is starting to take shape. I can just imagine the open and closed sign on it and just can’t wait.

That’s it for now wish me luck for work on Today it was very hard getting up so early.

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