Sunday, January 26, 2014

Its been a really really hard week this week for all members of the family.

On wednesday night i was witness to our beloved cat Tit being run over. It was awful and we all miss him so much. Although it was awful seeing it i was able to pick him up and he died in my arms. I am pleased i was able to be with him in those last minutes rather than him being run over by more vehicles.

RIP Tit happy ratting in Heaven.

Surprise surprise more rain this week the ground is saturated. We are pleased all the animals are in for the winter although
we are constantly covered in mud.

After the loss of Tit it was very hard taking four lambs to the abattoir on Thursday morning. However it had to be done and we left with a few tears.

They arrived home on Friday it was great to compare the sheer size of the pure bred oxford down to the crosses.

Dad has been busy butchering them and they were collected by friends ready for their freezers.

Gareth and I had our usual Sunday Morning walk down the wood this morning topping up the bird feeders, checking the bees and looking at the flooded areas.

We are looking forward to spring and seeing the bees enjoy the blossom on all the fruit trees we have planted this winter.

Its not very often we have a lazy afternoon but it was so wet today we lit the fires and i caught up on some of my knitting.

The day has finished with a lovely fresh shoulder of lamb we are very lucky!

I'm off to collect a fallow deer carcass for the freezer tomorrow. It will hang in the fridge for a few weeks before Gareth skins it and Dad butchers it.

I hope you all have a good week. You might notice mother popping in for an update on smallholding life.

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