Sunday, January 19, 2014

I can't believe how much rain we had on Thursday evening and Friday. The whole front paddock flooded as well as several of Mums chook runs. The main road was flooded but luckily our retired neighbour Mr Anderson managed to dig some small trenches to allow the water to run from the road into the ditch, which cleared the road in a few hours. 

It's been a productive weekend. I have processed 70 birds! Pheasant, partridge and duck. I was so pleased when I picked up the last brace. Luckily Mum washed all the breasts and legs afterwards and they are now all bagged and in the freezer ready to feed us for the spring and summer. I estimate that this season we have put over 225 brace of birds in the freezer. We have frozen breasts, mince and made sausages. 

I find such a great sense of satisfaction buying game birds, they are great value for money and free range. We would rather eat them than chicken from Tescos. 

Several wheelbarrows later and Craig (a family friend who is lodging with us at the moment) and I had a sparkly clean pigstie ready for our new piggies. 

We used our last half a sow leg on Saturday night, Gareth made pulled pork it's wonderful a real treat. 

The weather has been quite nice all weekend lots of sun, so I took the opportunity to trim back the front flower beds. I cut the arum Lillie's back and covered them in the horse manure to protect them if we have frosts. 

After breakfast on Sunday we hitched the trailer up and set off to collect our new pigs. Six oxford sandy and blacks from Marsh Farm In South Woodham Ferrers. We collected eight in total as two are coming to stay for our friend Nigel until the weather dries up. 

They are so lovely, it's great to have piggies about again.

Gareth and I checked the bees at lunchtime today, several of them were buzzing around enjoying the mild sunny weather. We topped then up with fondant to see them through the coming weeks. 

Just as the day was coming to an end, a friend phoned she had been ferreting and had 7 bunnies for me at the bargain price of £1 each. I arrived home half and hour later, another half and hour and Gareth and I had them gutted, skinned and in a bucket soaking in salt water. So watch out family bunny pie this week!

We had a wonderful dinner home reared lamb with celeriac, white chard and artichokes out the garden a perfect end to a fabulous weekend. 

We are trying to plan the pigs that we require this year, so if anyone would like to purchase half a pig from use, butchered and ready for the freezer we are taking bookings now. So book early to avoid disappointment. 

I hope you all have a great week I will check in again next weekend. 

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